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I have been noticing alot of websites are hosting alot of psychics which really annoy me. Those people in my own personal opinion are nothing more than charlatans. They fish around a person's brain and watch for certain reactions, tell them what they think the person wants to hear and then takes their money and moves on to the next vulnerable sap.  Makes me sick to see this happening to people.

Many psychiatrist and so called mind doctors are doing the same thing and making money regressing these people. Why don't they get real jobs and do some real work. What many people don't understand is that they don't need psychics and / or psychiatrists to regress them when they are quite capable of regressing themselves with the power of their own minds. There are a million books out there about how to teach your mind to travel thru time and how to help your body heal from sickness, how to find answers to your everyday problems. You don't need to pay these charlatans who don't work for a penny of your money., Ebay, and many other online stores offer books, CDs, DVDs on the very subject of regression and hypnotism. AND I'm sure if you did a google search you can also find a kabillion websites that can also teach you about the subject.... FOR FREE!!!! 

Stop wasting and givine away your hard earned money to the charlatans!!!

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